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If you're looking for unique German baby names, explore the various options that are suitable for boys, girls, dogs, and cats. Discover the historical meanings and significances behind these popular names.

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German names are often inspired by Germanic culture and heritage. In many cases, German families will name their children after a close family member. While many Germans do get creative with names, all German first names must be approved by the German Government. If you don't live in Germany, you will have more freedom to choose your own German name. Because of the number of people with German heritage that live around the world, you'll find plenty of German names that are popular in other countries. Most German names have positive historic context rooted in the origin of the name. These names are perfect choices for newborn baby boys, girls, dogs, and cats!

50 Most Popular German Names

1stEmilyIndustrious, to strive or excel or rival, competitor, rival, flatterer, to strive or rival.
2ndMichaelWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
3rdEmmaIndustrious, universal, universal woman.
4thDanielGod is my judge, (only) god is my judge, the lord is my judge.
5thSarahPrincess, lady-like.
6thAlexanderDefender of mankind, defender of the people, defender of man, protector of mankind.
7thAngelinaMessenger of god, actress angelina jolie, god's messenger, heavenly messenger, messenger.
8thWilliamResolute protector, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection, will, desire, a strong and resolute protector, determined guardian, valiant protector.
9thAvaLike a bird, living and breathing, voice, bearer of good news.
10thRobertBright with fame, bright fame, brilliant fame, famous, brilliance, famous in the land, famous brilliance, of shining fame.
11thSophiaWisdom, woman of wisdom, wise.
12thLouisFamous warrior, famed warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
13thAnnaGrace, arthur's sister, mother, gracious, merciful.
14thSebastianVenerable, revered, from sebastos, majestic, man from sebaste, from sebaste.
15thNatalieBorn at christmas, born on christmas day, birthday of christ.
16thChristianFollower of christ or anointed, follower of christ, christian man, christian.
17thAlexisDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity.
18thThomasTwin, a twin.
19thRachelInnocence of a lamb, ewe, sheep's friend, female sheep.
20thLucasBringer of light, from lucania.
21stAliceTruthful, of a noble kin, noble, graceful, kind.
22ndCarlosManly, free man, strong and manly, farmer, man, manly and strong.
23rdMariaBitter or sea of bitterness, of the sea or bitter, rebellious woman, sea of bitterness, beloved.
24thRomeoPilgram to rome, pilgrim to rome, lover, from rome, italy, coming to rome, of the romans.
25thLauraCrowned with laurels, laurel, bay laurel tree, laurel-crowned, crown of laurels.
26thAdrianDark, person from hadria (northern italy), from hadria, wealthy, rich.
27thAlexandraDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity.
28thRichardRich and powerful ruler, brave ruler, daring power, strong power, hardy power, rich ruler, powerful and brave.
29thAmeliaIndustrious, work, hard working, persuasive.
30thErickAlways ruler.
31stElsaNoble, rescued by percival, god is my oath, short form of elizabeth, promise of god, joyful.
32ndHenryRuler of the enclosure, ruler of the home, ruler of the house, ruler of an estate.
33rdAveryElf ruler, ruler of elves, noble, bearlike.
34thPaulSmall, humble, tiny, petite, small- little, little.
35thEvaLife, giver of life, living and breathing, bearer of good news, alive, living.
36thCharlesManly, free man, farmer, warrior.
37thPhoebeBright one, bright, shining, brightest of women, shining one.
38thEdwardWealthy guardian, wealthy guard, happy guardian, guardian of fortune, prosperous guardian.
39thLisaConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
40thWillieResolute protector, with gilded helmet, determined guardian.
41stMichaelaWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
42ndJohannGod is gracious, god is merciful.
43rdIsabelleConsecrated to god, god is my oath.
44thPeterRock, a stone or rock, stone.
45thGeorgiaFarmer, state of the usa, farming woman, earthworker.
46thJonathanGift of god, god has given, god gives.
47thAllisonTruthful, son of the noble one, truthful & noble, truthful and noble.
48thWesleyA clearing in the west, from the west field, from the west woods, the west meadow, western meadow.
49thAndreaManly, daring, man, warrior, strong, resolute, brave, strong & courageous.
50thValentinStrong, healthy or strong, strength, health, hale and healthy, healthy, brave.