German Names starting with O

If you want to find German names starting with O, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting O are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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German names are often inspired by Germanic culture and heritage. In many cases, German families will name their children after a close family member. While many Germans do get creative with names, all German first names must be approved by the German Government. If you don't live in Germany, you will have more freedom to choose your own German name. Because of the number of people with German heritage that live around the world, you'll find plenty of German names that are popular in other countries. Most German names have positive historic context rooted in the origin of the name. These names are perfect choices for newborn baby boys, girls, dogs, and cats!

All German Names starting with O

OberonBoyNoble bear, elf ruler, bear heart.
OberonGirlNoble bear, bear heart.
ObertBoyNoble bright, otter.
OdaGirlWealthy, point, riches, wealth, inheritence, prosperity, happiness.
OdeleGirlSong, wealth, wealthy.
OdeliaGirlWealthy, i will thank god, riches, i will praise god.
OdettaGirlWealth, ode, melodic.
OdetteGirlWealthy, wealth, ode, melodic, rich, little wealthy one.
OdilaGirlWealthy, wealth.
OdileGirlWealthy, rich, wealth.
OdiliaGirlWealthy, wealth.
OdoBoyRich, ric, wealthy, wealth.
OdolfBoyInheritance + wolf, prosperous wolf.
OldrikBoyPowerful inheritance, powerful through his inheritance.
OlegarioBoyStrength of a lance, hearty spear.
OlindaGirlDefender of the land, combination name, form of yolanda, protector of the property.
OlyaGirlHoly, prosperous, successful.
OrdalfGirlElfin spear.
OrdellaGirlElfin spear.
OrlanBoyFrom the pointed hill, renowned in the land.
OrlandBoyRenowned in the land, famous land.
OrlandoBoyRenowned in the land, city in florida, from the famous land, famous land, land of gold.
OrlinBoyRenowned in the land.
OrlondoBoyRenowned in the land.
OrmandaGirlDescendent of the red one, of the sea.
OsbaldoBoyGod's power.
OskarBoyJumping fighter, spear of the gods, loves deer.
OswaldBoyDivine power, power of god, god rule, god's rule, god's power.
OswaldoBoyGod rule, god's power.
OthelloBoyProsperous, wealthy or rich.
OtilieGirlFortunate heroine, wealthy.
OtisBoyWealthy, wealth, wealthy or rich.
OtkaGirlFortunate heroine.
OtokarBoyHappy warrior, watchful of wealth.
OtthildGirlFortunate heroine, lucky heroine.
OtthildaGirlFortunate heroine.
OtthildeGirlFortunate heroine.
OttilaGirlFortunate heroine, lucky heroine.
OttiliaGirlFortunate heroine, rich, wealthy.
OttoBoyWealthy or prosperious, wealth, wealthy or rich, wealthy or prosperous, rich, prosperous.
OttokarBoyHappy warrior, guardian of the inheritance.
OtyliaGirlFortunate heroine, wealthy, wealth.
OzzieBoyStrong, diminutive form of names beginning with os, god's divine power, divine bear.