German Names starting with N

If you want to find German names starting with N, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting N are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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German names are often inspired by Germanic culture and heritage. In many cases, German families will name their children after a close family member. While many Germans do get creative with names, all German first names must be approved by the German Government. If you don't live in Germany, you will have more freedom to choose your own German name. Because of the number of people with German heritage that live around the world, you'll find plenty of German names that are popular in other countries. Most German names have positive historic context rooted in the origin of the name. These names are perfect choices for newborn baby boys, girls, dogs, and cats!

All German Names starting with N

NadetteGirlHope, brave as bear.
NadineGirlHopeful, hope, filled with hope.
NannaGirlGrace, brave, courageous.
NapoleonBoyLion of the woodland, person from naples, italy, from naples, fierce one from naples.
NardoBoyStrong or hardy, bear brave, brave like a bear.
NatalieGirlBorn at christmas, born on christmas day, birthday of christ.
NiciaGirlVictory of the people.
NicklausBoyVictory of the people.
NickolausBoyVictory of the people.
NielsBoyVictory of the people, people's triumph, champion.
NikolausBoyVictorious people, victory of the people.
NitgardoBoyMaintains combative fire.
NixieGirlLittle water sprite, water sprite, water spirit.
NorberahtGirlBright heroine.
NorbertBoyBrilliant hero, bright north, shining or bright north, famous north.
NorbertaGirlBright heroine.
NorberteGirlBright heroine.
NorbertoBoyBrilliant hero.
NordicaGirlFrom the north.
NordikaGirlFrom the north.
NormaGirlMan from the north, from the north.
NormanBoyFrom the north, norseman, man of the north, man from the north.
NormandBoyFrom the north, man of the north.