German Names starting with L

If you want to find German names starting with L, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting L are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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German names are often inspired by Germanic culture and heritage. In many cases, German families will name their children after a close family member. While many Germans do get creative with names, all German first names must be approved by the German Government. If you don't live in Germany, you will have more freedom to choose your own German name. Because of the number of people with German heritage that live around the world, you'll find plenty of German names that are popular in other countries. Most German names have positive historic context rooted in the origin of the name. These names are perfect choices for newborn baby boys, girls, dogs, and cats!

10 Most Popular German Names starting with L

1stLauraCrowned with laurels, laurel, bay laurel tree, laurel-crowned, crown of laurels.
2ndLouisFamous warrior, famed warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
3rdLisaConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
4thLucasBringer of light, from lucania.
5thLindaTender beauty, pretty one, tender woman, beautiful, pretty.
6thLeonBrave as a lion, lion, lion man.
8thLukasBringer of light, from lucania.
9thLouiseFamous warrior, well-known fighter, famous warrior woman.
10thLanceAttendent, attendant, land, land or region, spear, of the land.

All German Names starting with L

LaWandaGirlThe young tree, from the vandal tribe, wends, vandals.
LamaGirlBright land.
LamarBoyOf the sea, famous land, from the sea, from near a pool.
LamarrBoyOf the sea, famous land.
LambartBoyLight of land.
LambertBoyLight of land, land bright, bright land.
LambrechtBoyLight of land.
LambretBoyLight of land.
LambrettBoyLight of land.
LamiaGirlRadiant, bright land.
LanceBoyAttendent, attendant, land, land or region, spear, of the land.
LandbertBoyGlorious country.
LandmariBoyFamous land.
LandryBoyRuler, land ruler, powerful ruler, rough land.
LangBoyTall man, tall one.
LanzoBoyLance, spear.
LarenzoBoyCrowned with laurels.
LauraGirlCrowned with laurels, laurel, bay laurel tree, laurel-crowned, crown of laurels.
LaurenzBoyCrowned with laurels.
LenBoyBrave as a lion, flute, diminutive form of leonard or helena, strong as the lion.
LenardBoyBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LeneGirlLight, woman from magdala, the illustrious.
LenhardBoyStrong as the lion.
LenhartBoyStrong as the lion.
LennBoyBrave as a lion.
LennardBoyBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LennellBoyBrave as a lion.
LennieBoyBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LennyBoyBrave as a lion, strong like the lion, brave lion.
LenzBoyOf laurentum.
LeodaGirlOf the people.
LeolaGirlBrave as a lioness, lioness, lion woman, feminine form of leo, similar name to leona.
LeonBoyBrave as a lion, lion, lion man.
LeonaGirlBrave as a lioness, lion, lion woman, like a lion.
LeonardBoyBrave as a lion, strong like the lion, like a lion.
LeonardaGirlBrave as a lioness, strong as the lion.
LeondaGirlLion or lioness.
LeondraGirlLion or lioness.
LeondreaGirlLion or lioness.
LeonhardBoyBrave as a lion, strong as the lion, bold lion.
LeopoldBoyBrave people, people bold, courageous people, daring ones, bold people, bold for the people.
LeopoldaGirlBrave people, courageous woman, princess of the village.
LeopoldinaGirlBrave people.
LeopoldineGirlBrave people.
LeopoldoBoyBrave people, bold people, people-bold.
LeotaGirlOf the people.
LerleneGirlAmbush, cliff.
LettieGirlNoble kind, of the noble sort.
LewyBoyFamous or renowned fighter.
LiebBoyDear one.
LiesbetGirlConsecrated to god.
LieselGirlGod is my oath.
LieselotteGirlGod is my oath, free, contraction of elisabeth and charlotte.
LieshethGirlConsecrated to god.
LiezelGirlConsecrated to god.
LiliGirlLily, god is my oath.
LilliGirlLily, from the name lillian.
LiloBoyGenerous one.
LinaGirlLight, delicate, bringer of good news, short form of names ending in lina, little palm tree, strong, resolute.
LindGirlTender beauty.
LindaGirlTender beauty, pretty one, tender woman, beautiful, pretty.
LindbergBoyFrom the linden tree mountain, hill with lime trees on it, lime tree mountain.
LindebergBoyFrom the linden tree mountain.
LindellBoyValley of the linden trees, from near a lime tree.
LindenBoyFrom near a lime tree, lime tree, linden hill.
LindieGirlTender beauty.
LisaGirlConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
LisbetGirlConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
LiseGirlConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
LisetteGirlConsecrated to god, god is my oath.
LoisGirlFamous warrior, better, the best.
LokelaBoyFamous warrior.
LomanBoyBare, from the wood land.
LonnieBoyReady for battle, noble, ready, noble and prepared.
LonnieGirlSolitary, ready for battle, noble, ready.
LopakaBoyShining fame, brilliant fame.
LoraGirlCrowned with laurels, laurel, light.
LorahBoyCrowned with laurels.
LorahGirlCrowned with laurels.
LoraineGirlFrom lorraine, of lothair.
LorannaGirlCrowned with laurels.
LorelaiGirlMurmuring rock.
LoreleiGirlAlluring, alluring enchantress, woman from enticing rock, melody, murmuring rock.
LorenzBoyCrowned with laurels, city of laurels.
LoringBoyFrom lorraine, son of the famous warrior, from lorraine in france, son of a well known warrior.
LoringGirlFrom lorraine in france.
LoritaGirlCrowned with laurels.
LoritzBoyCrowned with laurels, laurel.
LorraineGirlFrom lorraine, a city in france, france, woman from lorraine, born or from lorraine.
LothairBoyFamous warrior.
LotharBoyFamous warrior.
LotharingBoyFamous warrior.
LotteGirlTiny and feminine, free, free woman.
LotyeGirlTiny and womanly.
LouBoyFamed warrior, well-known fighter.
LouannaGirlCombination of lou and anna, gracious warrior.
LouellaGirlFamous elf, famous warrior, well-known fighter.
LouieBoyFamous warrior.
LouisBoyFamous warrior, famed warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
LouisaneGirlFamous warrior.
LouiseGirlFamous warrior, well-known fighter, famous warrior woman.
LovisaGirlFamous warrior, battle noise, well-known fighter.
LoviseGirlFamous warrior, well-known fighter.
LoyceGirlFamous warrior.
LuanaGirlGraceful battle maiden, enjoyment, happiness, pleasure.
LuaneGirlGraceful battle maiden.
LuannaGirlWoman warrior.
LucasBoyBringer of light, from lucania.
LucinaGirlBringer of light.
LudkhannahGirlGraceful battle maiden.
LudolfBoyPeople with wolf, people + wolf.
LudolphBoyPeople + wolf.
LudovicBoyFamous warrior, famed warrior.
LuduvicoBoyFamous warrior.
LudwigBoyFamous warrior, well-known fighter, fame and war, famous victories.
LudwikBoyFamous warrior.
LudwikaGirlFamous warrior.
LudwinaGirlFriend of the people.
LuellaGirlFamous elf, famous warrior, combination of lou and ella.
LueteGirlOf the people.
LughaidhBoyFamous warrior.
LuigiBoyFamous warrior, well-known fighter, warrior.
LuiginwBoyFamous warrior.
LuijzikaGirlFamous warrior.
LuisBoyFamous warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
LuisaGirlFamous warrior, famous warrior woman.
LuiseGirlFamous warrior.
LujzaGirlFamous warrior, well-known fighter.
LukasBoyBringer of light, from lucania.
LukiBoyFamous warrior.
LuluGirlA pearl, comforting, rabbit, famous warrior, well-known fighter, precious, pearl, pearls.
LurlineGirlTemptress, murmuring rock.
LutgardGirlPeople protection.
LutherBoyFamous warrior, people army, an army of people.
LutzBoyFamous warrior.
LyndeBoyGentle, from the hill of linden trees.
LyndeGirlGentle, from the hill of linden trees.
LysaGirlGod is my oath, variation of the name lisa.