German Girl Names

There is a range of popular German names that are perfect for your newborn baby girl, cat, or dog. If you're looking for the most trendy German names, discover the most frequently used options.

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50 Most Popular German Girl Names

1stEmilyIndustrious, to strive or excel or rival, competitor, rival, flatterer, to strive or rival.
2ndEmmaIndustrious, universal, universal woman.
3rdSarahPrincess, lady-like.
4thAngelinaMessenger of god, actress angelina jolie, god's messenger, heavenly messenger, messenger.
5thAvaLike a bird, living and breathing, voice, bearer of good news.
6thSophiaWisdom, woman of wisdom, wise.
7thAnnaGrace, arthur's sister, mother, gracious, merciful.
8thNatalieBorn at christmas, born on christmas day, birthday of christ.
9thAlexisDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity.
10thRachelInnocence of a lamb, ewe, sheep's friend, female sheep.
11thAliceTruthful, of a noble kin, noble, graceful, kind.
12thMariaBitter or sea of bitterness, of the sea or bitter, rebellious woman, sea of bitterness, beloved.
13thLauraCrowned with laurels, laurel, bay laurel tree, laurel-crowned, crown of laurels.
14thAlexandraDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity.
15thAmeliaIndustrious, work, hard working, persuasive.
16thElsaNoble, rescued by percival, god is my oath, short form of elizabeth, promise of god, joyful.
17thAveryElf ruler, ruler of elves, noble, bearlike.
18thEvaLife, giver of life, living and breathing, bearer of good news, alive, living.
19thPhoebeBright one, bright, shining, brightest of women, shining one.
20thLisaConsecrated to god, god is my oath, promise of god.
21stMichaelaWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
22ndIsabelleConsecrated to god, god is my oath.
23rdGeorgiaFarmer, state of the usa, farming woman, earthworker.
24thAllisonTruthful, son of the noble one, truthful & noble, truthful and noble.
25thAndreaManly, daring, man, warrior, strong, resolute, brave, strong & courageous.
26thHeidiNoble and serene, supermodel heidi klum, of noble kin, graceful and noble, honorable, noble sort.
27thAliciaTruthful, of noble kin, noble, graceful, truthful & noble, noble woman.
28thMatildaMother of merlin, mighty battle maiden, battle strength, powerful and mighty in battle.
29thFernandaAdventurous, journey ready, on a daring trip, journey-prepared, brave.
30thLindaTender beauty, pretty one, tender woman, beautiful, pretty.
31stMillieIndustrious, diminutive form of mildred or millicent, strong worker.
32ndDianaDivine, divine woman, goddess of the moon.
34thClaudiaLame, feeble woman, disabled.
35thAlisonTruthful, son of the noble one, noble, graceful.
36thEliseGod is my oath, promise of god, consecrated to god - elizabeth, consecrated to god.
37thCarlyDiminutive form of carlotta, free woman.
38thAubreyBlond ruler, bearlike or blond ruler, noble ruler, ruler of elves, elfin king, noble, bearlike.
39thKristinChristian, consecrated to god, the anointed.
40thLouiseFamous warrior, well-known fighter, famous warrior woman.
41stKarlaFarmer, feminine form of karl, strong and womanly.
42ndGenevieveWhite wave, woman of the family, leader of the tribe, woman of the people.
43rdCherylBeloved, darling, dearest.
44thBeatriceShe who brings happiness, bringer of joy, voyager, voyager through life, makes happy, she blesses.
45thAdeleNoble, kind, graceful and noble.
46thAmelieHard working, hardworking, industrious, persuasive.
47thErikaEternal ruler, always ruler, ruling forever, all-powerful ruler.
48thAllieShort form of names starting wth al, noble, kind.
50thSandraDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity, helper of humanity.