German Girl Names starting with W

If you want to find German names starting with W, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting W are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with W

WalborgdProtecting ruler.
WaldaPowerful, ruler.
WaldhurgaProtecting ruler.
WaldinaGod's power.
WaltraudBattlefield, loved, powerful, rule strength.
WandaYoung tree, wanderer, a slender, from the vandal tribe.
WardaGuardian, protector.
WendaLight skinned, form of wanda, friend.
WendiLight skinned, from gwendolyn.
WidoWarrior maiden.
WildaWild, untamed, feral.
WilhelminaResolute protector, with gilded helmet, stout protector, desire to protect.
WilhelmineResolute protector.
WillaResolute protector, feminine form of will, will to protect, will, desire, fierce protector.
WilmaResolute protector, short form of wilhelmina, stout protector, will, desire.
WinefridaFriend of peace.
WinifredPeaceful friend, peace friend, who makes friends with peace, friend of peace (f).
WinifredaPeaceful friend.
WinifridPeaceful friend.
WinifridePeaceful friend.
WinolaGracious friend, combination of winifred and ola.
WulfildeFights with the wolves.