German Girl Names starting with S

If you want to find German names starting with S, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting S are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with S

SabineA sabine, sabine woman, of the sabine tribe.
SailorMariner, boat man, sailor.
SalomePeace, tranquil, welcome, peaceful, shalom.
SandraDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity, helper of humanity.
SarahPrincess, lady-like.
SarohildiArmored battle maiden.
SaschaDefender of mankind.
SaskiaSaxon woman, protector of mankind.
SaxonGermanic tribe, swordsman.
SaxtonFrom the village of the saxons, swordsman.
SchatziDear, treasure.
SelmaComely, god's helmet, protective like god's helmet, fair, beautiful.
SentaAssistant, holy, grow or thrive.
SerhildArmored battle maiden.
SerhildaArmored battle maiden.
SerihildaArmored battle maiden.
SerihildeArmored battle maiden.
SerildaArmored battle maiden.
SigfredaVictorious peace.
SigfriedaVictorious peace.
SigfriedeVictorious peace.
SilkeBlinded, blind.
SilviaOf the woods, wood, of the forest, wooded, forest, from the forest, forest dweller.
SiriBeautiful woman who leads to victory, marvelous victory.
SolveigHouse of strength, from the house of strength, house of power, of the strong house.
SolvigChampion, strong house.
SophiaWisdom, woman of wisdom, wise.
StefanieCrown, crowned or crown of laurels.
SteffiDiminutive form of stephanie, woman with crown, crowned or crown of laurels.
SunhildBattle of the sun.
SusanneLily, lily flower.
SuzanneLily, a lily.
SuzetteLittle lily, diminutive form of susan, a lily.
SuzyLily, diminutive form of susan, a lily.
SylviaOf the woods, forest, from the woods, wooded.