German Girl Names starting with R

If you want to find German names starting with R, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting R are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with R

RachelInnocence of a lamb, ewe, sheep's friend, female sheep.
RadellaElfin counselor.
RaeDoe, female dear, diminutive form of rachel or raymond, sheep's friend, wise protection fem. of raymond.
RainaQueen, peaceful.
RandiWolf shield, diminutive form of miranda or randall, admirable, protected.
RandilynCombination of randi and lynn, protected waterfall.
RaphaelaGod has healed.
ReannaEminent queen, nymph, mighty.
RebekkaBound, snare, one who ties and joins, snares or traps.
RegenfridaPeaceful advisor.
RemiOarsman or remedy, oarsman.
RenataReborn, joy.
RiaRiver, diminutive form of maria, rebellious woman.
RianneForm of rhian.
RicardaStrong ruler, rich and powerful ruler, daring power.
RichelleBrave ruler, combination name, daring power, rich and powerful ruler, derivative: feminine form of richard.
RikaVillage, countryside.
RillaSmall brook, little creek.
RilleSmall brook.
RilliaSmall brook.
RillieSmall brook.
RochGlory, rest.
RodericaFamous ruler.
RoderikaFamous ruler.
RohesiaFamous one.
RolandaFamous in the land.
RolandeFamous in the land.
RolandoFamed throughout the land.
RomhildGlorious battle maiden.
RomhildaGlorious battle maiden.
RomhildeGlorious battle maiden.
RomildaGlorious battle maiden.
RomildeGlorious battle maiden.
RomyRosemary or person from rome, sea dew.
RosaRose, famous guardian, rose blossom, dew, rose flower.
RosalindaBeautiful rose, weak, tender or soft horse, fair rose.
RosamondFamous guardian.
RosamondeFamous guardian.
RosamundFamous guardian, horse protection, protector of horses.
RosamundeWild roses.
RosemarieBitter flower, herb, beloved rose.
RosemondeFamous guardian.
RosemundaFamous guardian.
RosineRose, little rose-from rozene.
RozmondaFamous guardian.
RozomundFamous guardian.
RudellaFamous wolf.
RudelleFamous wolf.
RudiFamous wolf, wolf fame.
RueHerb or diminutive form of ruth, fame, notorious.
RuneA secret, happy.
RuomhildiGlorious battle maiden.
RupertaOf shining fame, famous brilliance.
RuthCompanion, friendship, beautful friend, mate, beauty, friend.