German Girl Names starting with O

If you want to find German names starting with O, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting O are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with O

OberonNoble bear, bear heart.
OdaWealthy, point, riches, wealth, inheritence, prosperity, happiness.
OdeleSong, wealth, wealthy.
OdeliaWealthy, i will thank god, riches, i will praise god.
OdettaWealth, ode, melodic.
OdetteWealthy, wealth, ode, melodic, rich, little wealthy one.
OdilaWealthy, wealth.
OdileWealthy, rich, wealth.
OdiliaWealthy, wealth.
OlindaDefender of the land, combination name, form of yolanda, protector of the property.
OlyaHoly, prosperous, successful.
OrdalfElfin spear.
OrdellaElfin spear.
OrmandaDescendent of the red one, of the sea.
OtilieFortunate heroine, wealthy.
OtkaFortunate heroine.
OtthildFortunate heroine, lucky heroine.
OtthildaFortunate heroine.
OtthildeFortunate heroine.
OttilaFortunate heroine, lucky heroine.
OttiliaFortunate heroine, rich, wealthy.
OtyliaFortunate heroine, wealthy, wealth.