German Girl Names starting with I

If you want to find German names starting with I, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting I are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with I

IdaHardworking, thirsty, hardworking woman, she who is active.
IdettaHardworking, work.
IdetteHardworking, work.
IdunGoddess of immortality, eternal youth, rejuvenation, to renew nature, active, love.
IldegundaKnows how to battle.
IldikoWarrior, battle, saint, fighting a war, fighter.
IlmaResolute protector.
IlsaGod is my oath.
IlseGod is my oath, consecrated to god, promise of god.
ImaNow, universal woman, great beauty.
ImeldaPowerful fighter, entire battle, fighting the whole battle, whole battle, battle.
IngeHe who is foremost, belonging to ing, of ing, island, foremost one.
IngeborgFortification, ing's protection, god's protection, the protection of ing, of the goddess fr√ły.
IngelotteCompound of inge and charlotte.
IrmaWarrior, whole, entire, universal woman, complete one, universal, war god.
IrmgardWar goddess.
IrmigardWar goddess.
IrminaWar goddess.
IrmineWar goddess.
IrmuskaWar goddess, warrior.
IsaStrong willed, promise of god.
IsabelleConsecrated to god, god is my oath.
IsanaStrong willed.
IsaneStrong willed.
IsanneCombination of isabel and anne, from isabel and anne.
IseldaRemains faithful.
IsmeldaBattles with a sword.
IsoldFair lady.
IsoldaFair lady, ice ruler.
IsoldeLover of tristan, fair lady, face of a flower, she who is gazed upon, fighting the ice battle, fair one.
IsoleFair lady.