German Girl Names starting with H

If you want to find German names starting with H, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting H are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with H

HadewigBattle, female warrior.
HaduBattle maiden.
HalfridPeaceful heroine.
HalfridaPeaceful heroine, half beautiful.
HalifridPeaceful heroine.
HannaGracious, grace, merciful.
HannalieseCombination of hanna and elisabeth.
HanneGracious, grace, god is gracious, mercy.
HanneloreCombination of hannah and lora, gracious, grace.
HarimannaWarrior maiden.
HarimanneWarrior maiden.
HarrietRuler of an enclosure, home ruler, ruler of the house.
HedaBattle, female warrior.
HeddaBattle maiden, battle war, fighting a battle, battle, female warrior, refuge in battle, vigorous fight.
HedwigBattle maiden, battle war, fighting a battle, refuge in battle.
HedyBattle maiden, battle war, fighting a battle, female warrior.
HeidaNoble and serene, noble sort.
HeideNoble and serene.
HeidiNoble and serene, supermodel heidi klum, of noble kin, graceful and noble, honorable, noble sort.
HeilwigRemains strong in battle, healthy battle.
HeleneLight, form of helen, torchlight, wicker, reed, shoot, torch, basket.
HelgaHoly or pious, holy, divine woman, pious.
HelgeHoly or pious.
HellerThe sun.
HelmaResolute protector, stout protector, protection, helmet, determined guardian.
HelmineWill, desire + helmet, protection.
HeloiseFamous warrior, famous fighter, healthy woman, renowned fighter, famous warrior woman.
HendrikaRuler of the enclosure.
HenriettaRuler of the enclosure, ruler of the home, ruler of the house.
HenrietteRuler of the enclosure, ruler of the home, ruler of the house.
HenriikkaRuler of the household.
HenrikeRuler of the home.
HeresvidaNumerous troops.
HermineArmy man, army woman.
HertaChild of the earth.
HerthaChild of the earth, powerful woman.
HettieRuler of the enclosure, star-like, ruler of the household.
HideWarrior, superior, excellent.
HildBattle maid, noble maid, battle.
HildaBattle maid, battle, fighting a war, war, protector, noble, kind.
HildeBattle maid, battle, war.
HildegardFortress, protecting against battle.
HildieBattle maid.
HildirethBattle counselor.
HildrethBattle counselor.
HilmaResolute protector.
HilmerFamous warrior.
HiltrudBattle strength.
HoldaHidden, weasel.
HubertaBright mind, woman with clever mind.
HuelaFeminine form of hugh or short form of consuela, derivative: feminine form of hugh.
HuldaEnduring or loving, weasel, endearing or loving, mole, woman with a tail.
HydiNoble and serene.
HyldaBattle maid.