German Girl Names starting with G

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All German Girl Names starting with G

GableGod is bright.
GabrieleGod is my strength, devoted to god.
GaelleMy father rejoices, name of a celtic people.
GalienaLight, exalted one.
GenaWoman, 'knee, ' perhaps.
GenevaJuniper, capital of switzerland, juniper berry, leader of the tribe, juniper tree.
GenevieWhite wave.
GenevieveWhite wave, woman of the family, leader of the tribe, woman of the people.
GeniveeWhite wave.
GenovevaWhite wave, white phantom, leader of the tribe.
GenowefaWhite wave, white complexion, fair.
GeorgiaFarmer, state of the usa, farming woman, earthworker.
GeraldinaMighty with a spear.
GeraldineMighty with a spear, rules with spear, ruler with spear, one who rules by the spear, ruler with the spear.
GeralynRules by the spear, combination of the names gerald and lyn.
GeralynnRules by the spear.
GerdaBeloved warrior, guarded, garden, strong like a spear, protected, protection, protector.
GerdeBeloved warrior.
GerdieBeloved warrior.
GerhardinaBrave with a spear.
GerhardineBrave with a spear.
GerlindeWife of spearman.
GerryDiminutive form of gerald, ruler with spear.
GertraudSpear of strength.
GertrudBeloved warrior, spear strength.
GertrudaBeloved warrior, spear strength.
GertrudeBeloved warrior, spear of strength, the strongest spear, adored warrior, spear maiden, warrior woman.
GertrutBeloved warrior.
GerwaltMighty with a spear.
GerwaltaMighty with a spear.
GesineStrong spear.
GhislaineOath or pledge, pledge, sweet pledge.
GilbertaIllustrious pledge.
GisellePledge, oath, hostage.
GitaPearl, song.
GittaStrong, exalted one.
GoldwineGolden friend.
GretaPearl, a pearl.
GretchenPearl, a pearl.
GretelPearl, a pearl, derivative: from the name margaret.
GriceldaGray or gray haired.
GriseldaGray battle maiden, gray battle, strong woman, fighting in darkness, gray, haired battle heroine.
GriseldeGray battle maiden.
GrisellaGray battle maiden.
GrisjahildeGray battle maiden.
GriswaldaFrom the gray forest.
GriswaldeFrom the gray forest.
GrizeldaForm of grizelda, endless patience.
GryseldaGray battle maiden.
GualteriaArmy ruler, general.
GudrunFriend in war, god's secret, battler, who knows the secrets of battle, divine wisdom.
GudrunaFriend in war.
GuilaineSweet pledge.
GunillaBattle maiden, battle in war, war, battle.
GunnelBattle maiden.