German Girl Names starting with D

If you want to find German names starting with D, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting D are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with D

DagmarSplendid or glorious day, dear and famous, maid of the day, glory of the danes, glorious, day-maid, dane's joy.
DagobertaRadiant as the day.
DagomarSplendid or glorious day.
DaleHollow or valley, valley, living in a valley.
DanielaGod is my judge, (only) god is my judge, god judges me, my judge is the lord.
DelawareNamed for baron de la ware.
DelaynaNoble protector.
DellBright, meadow.
DellaBright, of the nobility, graceful and noble, noble and serene, small valley, of nobility.
DelmaNoble protector, beautiful daughter, of the sea.
DelmiNoble protector.
DelmiraNoble protector, illustrious.
DelmyNoble protector.
DeonildeShe who fights.
DerekaRuler of the people.
DericaRuler of the people, people ruler, beloved leader.
DerickaRuler of the people.
DerricaRuler of the people.
DianDivine, form of the name dion or dianne.
DianaDivine, divine woman, goddess of the moon.
DidrikaRuler of the people, people ruler, people's rule.
DresdenPeople from the forest by the river.
DusteeValiant fighter.
DustiValiant fighter.
DustinValiant fighter.
DustyValiant fighter, thor's stone or light dirt, tough like a stone of thor, full of dust.