German Girl Names starting with B

If you want to find German names starting with B, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting B are perfect for any baby girl, cat, or dog.

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All German Girl Names starting with B

BaldhartBold or strong.
BallardBold or strong.
BalthildBright battle.
BalthildaBright battle.
BalthildeBright battle.
BarbelForeign, strange.
BarrettTrader, strong as a bear, bear-like.
BarrettaA cap.
BathildaHeroine, commanding battle maiden.
BeateHappy, the one who brings joy.
BeatriceShe who brings happiness, bringer of joy, voyager, voyager through life, makes happy, she blesses.
BeatrixShe who brings happiness, bringer of joy, voyager, voyager through life.
BeeBee, busy worker, blessed, courage of a bear.
BegaIllustrious, brilliant.
BelindaPretty or very beautiful, beautiful, pretty snake, beautiful serpent, pretty.
BemadetteCourage of a bear.
BenildaFights with bears.
BerdineGlorious and famous maiden, short form of bernardine, bright maiden.
BerengariaStrong as a bear, bear-spear.
BeritSplendid, glorious, exalted, lofty, powerful, strong, the exalted one, exalted one, magnificent.
BerlinUncertain, perhaps swamp, from berlin, germany.
BernadeaBrave as a bear.
BernadethBold as a bear.
BernadettaBear brave, brave like a bear.
BernadetteBrave as a bear, as strong as a bear, bold as a bear.
BernadineBrave as a bear, form of bernard.
BernadyneBold as a bear.
BernardaBrave as a bear, as strong as a bear.
BernardinaCourage of a bear.
BerneBold as a bear, bear-hard, or brave as a bear.
BerneenBrave as a bear.
BernelleBrave as a bear.
BernettaBrave as a bear.
BernetteBrave as a bear, courage of a bear.
BertaSplendid, bright ruler, bright or illustrious, to be strong, relentless, brilliant, bright, noble, courageous, people of ethiopia and sudan.
BertalinaLittle berta.
BerthaBright ruler, bright, brilliant, shining, glorious, illustrious.
BertheBright ruler.
BertilaShe who fights.
BertildaShining battlemaid, illustrious, brilliant.
BertildeShining battlemaid.
BertinaBright or shining.
BertoariaBrilliant city of army.
BertoldaIllustrious, brilliant.
BetelgeuseHand of the central one.
BettinaGod is my oath, promise of god, blessed.
BillieResolute protector, diminutive form of wilhelmina, will to protect, strong willed.
BillyResolute protector, diminutive form of william.
BindiA drop.
BingaFrom the kettle shaped hollow.
BingeFrom the kettle shaped hollow.
BlasaFirebrand, stammerer, one who stammers.
BlendaDazzling bright, valley, glen, white, brilliant.
BlumaFlower, bloom, flower-like, a flower.
BovaBrave, illustrious.
BrennerCharcoal burner.
BrigittaStrong, exalted, lofty, exalted one.
BrunaDark warrior, armour, brown, shining, armored warrior, dark haired.
BruneDark warrior.
BrunhildDark warrior, like battle armor.
BrunhildaDark warrior, battle armour, armored warrior.
BrunhildeDark warrior, battle armour.
BrunildaArmored warrior.
BrunnhildeWarrior woman.
BrunoniaBrown one.
BurghildeProtected in battle.
BurglindeProtected by the lime tree (shield).