German Boy Names

There is a range of popular German names that are perfect for your newborn baby boy, cat, or dog. If you're looking for the most trendy German names, discover the most frequently used options.

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50 Most Popular German Boy Names

1stMichaelWho is like god?, which man is like god?.
2ndDanielGod is my judge, (only) god is my judge, the lord is my judge.
3rdAlexanderDefender of mankind, defender of the people, defender of man, protector of mankind.
4thWilliamResolute protector, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection, will, desire, a strong and resolute protector, determined guardian, valiant protector.
5thRobertBright with fame, bright fame, brilliant fame, famous, brilliance, famous in the land, famous brilliance, of shining fame.
6thLouisFamous warrior, famed warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
7thSebastianVenerable, revered, from sebastos, majestic, man from sebaste, from sebaste.
8thChristianFollower of christ or anointed, follower of christ, christian man, christian.
9thThomasTwin, a twin.
10thLucasBringer of light, from lucania.
11thCarlosManly, free man, strong and manly, farmer, man, manly and strong.
12thRomeoPilgram to rome, pilgrim to rome, lover, from rome, italy, coming to rome, of the romans.
13thAdrianDark, person from hadria (northern italy), from hadria, wealthy, rich.
14thRichardRich and powerful ruler, brave ruler, daring power, strong power, hardy power, rich ruler, powerful and brave.
15thErickAlways ruler.
16thHenryRuler of the enclosure, ruler of the home, ruler of the house, ruler of an estate.
17thPaulSmall, humble, tiny, petite, small- little, little.
18thCharlesManly, free man, farmer, warrior.
19thEdwardWealthy guardian, wealthy guard, happy guardian, guardian of fortune, prosperous guardian.
20thWillieResolute protector, with gilded helmet, determined guardian.
21stJohannGod is gracious, god is merciful.
22ndPeterRock, a stone or rock, stone.
23rdJonathanGift of god, god has given, god gives.
24thWesleyA clearing in the west, from the west field, from the west woods, the west meadow, western meadow.
25thValentinStrong, healthy or strong, strength, health, hale and healthy, healthy, brave.
26thAxelFather of peace, source of life, my father is peace, peace of the father, axe, or small oak tree.
27thDickRich and powerful ruler, diminutive form of richard, daring power.
28thJayBlue jay, a bird in the crow family, various.
29thRossRed haired, dweller on the peninsula, headland, rose red.
30thDerekRuler of the people, people ruler, rich or powerful ruler of all people, famous ruler of the people.
31stFinnLight skinned or blond, from finland, fair, fair or light, he who finds.
32ndLeonBrave as a lion, lion, lion man.
33rdTomTwin, short form of thomas.
34thAlvinNoble friend, elf's friend, friend of elves, light complexion.
35thMartinWarlike, servant of mars, god of war, rendered to mars, from the god mars, god of war - mars, of the god mars.
36thBillyResolute protector, diminutive form of william, strong mind and protection, determined guardian.
37thGaryMighty with a spear, city in indiana, spear rule, a spear, spear carrier, mighty spearman.
38thArchieBold, diminutive form of archibald, daring and precious, derivative: short form of archibald or arthur, strong warrior, bowman.
39thHarveyArmy warrior, eager for battle, battle warrior, a battle with a worthy opponent.
40thAlbertoBright nobility, noble and bright, aristocratic and bright, form of albert, courage of a bear.
41stRafaelGod has healed, god heals.
42ndTobiasThe lord is good, goodness of god, god is good, yahweh is good.
43rdMilesMerciful, soldier, army man, favored, millstone.
44thErnestoSincere, earnest, serious minded, battle to the death, serious.
45thBrunoBrown, brown one, brown skinned, armour, shining, dark or brown.
46thRaymondWise protector, counsel protection, protected counsel, wise protection, mighty.
47thTomasTwin, form of thomas, a twin.
48thHugoBright mind, bright in mind and spirit, spirited, mind, heart or spirit, intelligence, spirit.
49thAlexisDefender of mankind, defender of the people, protector of humanity.
50thDustinValiant fighter, thor's stone.