German Boy Names starting with W

If you want to find German names starting with W, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting W are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with W

WaggonerWagon maker.
WagnerWagon maker, maker of wagons, one who makes wagons.
WaldLeader, power, ruler, ruler of the law.
WaldemarFamous ruler, mighty and famous.
WaldemarrFamous ruler.
WaldenWooded valley, from the valley of the britons, forest valley, peasant's valley, foreigner's valley, mighty.
WaldhrammRuling raven.
WaldifridPeaceful ruler.
WaldmuntMighty protector.
WaldoGod's power, a ruler, rule.
WaldronFrom the welshman's hill, ruler, mighty raven.
WalfredPeaceful ruler, uncertain, see information.
WalfridPeaceful ruler.
WallaceFrom wales, foreigner, stranger, foreign person, a stranger.
WallacheFrom wales.
WallerArmy ruler, foreign person, foreigner, powerful, wall maker.
WallyArmy ruler, diminutive form of walter or wallace, ruler of the army.
WalmondMighty protector, one who protects others in battle, foreign protector, protector in battle.
WaltArmy ruler, ruler of the army.
WaltenArmy ruler, foreigner, wood, wall, stream.
WalterArmy ruler, army rule, woods or army general, powerful warrior.
WaltertRuler of the army.
WalthariArmy ruler.
WaltherRuler of the army.
WaltonFrom the welshman's farm, walled town, foreign person or stranger, foreigner, wood, wall, stream.
WarenhariArmed defender.
WarnerArmed defender, army guard, protecting army, gamepark.
WarrenA game preserve, loyal, guard, from la verenne, to preserve, general, warden, game keeper.
WebberWeaver, person who weaves.
WelbyFrom the spring by the farm.
WendaleTraveler, traveler or wanderer.
WendallTraveler or wanderer.
WendelTraveler or wanderer.
WendellTraveler or wanderer, wanderer, seeker, vandals, wends, valley or wanderer, a wend.
WernerArmed defender or defending army, army guard, protecting army, warrior.
WertherWorthy army.
WesleyA clearing in the west, from the west field, from the west woods, the west meadow, western meadow.
WilberResolute, will, desire and fortress.
WilbertResolute, will, desire + bright, famous.
WilburWalled stronghold, will fortress, wild pig, will, desire and fortress, bright resolve.
WilburnResolute, wild pig.
WilfordWillow tree ford, from the ford by the willows, from wilford, a willow ford, ford of willow trees.
WilfredResolute protector, will peace, desire peace and safety, peaceful or willow tree near ford.
WilfredoResolute protector, desire peace and safety.
WilfridResolute peacemaker, resolute or peaceful, desire peace and safety.
WilhelmResolute protector, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection, will, desire + helmet, protection.
WillamarResolute or famous, known for strong will.
WillaperhtResolute or brilliant.
WillardResolute protector, bold or resolute, will brave, strong desire, brave, bold resolve.
WillemResolute protector, with gilded helmet, will, desire.
WilliamResolute protector, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection, will, desire, a strong and resolute protector, determined guardian, valiant protector.
WilliamonResolute protector.
WilliamsResolute protector, son or servant of william.
WillieResolute protector, with gilded helmet, determined guardian.
WillifridResolute or peaceful.
WillimodResolute spirit.
WillisSon of william, resolute protector, descendant or servant of will, strong mind and protection.
WillmarResolute or famous.
WillmarrResolute or famous.
WillySon of william, with gilded helmet, strong mind and protection.
WilmarResolute or famous.
WilmerResolute or famous, will famous, great desire, will, desire + famous.
WilmodResolute spirit.
WilmotResolute spirit, strong mind and protection.
WilpertResolute or brilliant.
WimStrong mind and protection, resolute protector.
WindellTraveler or wanderer, a very windy valley, windy valley.
WolfWolf, running wolf.
WolfgangChef wolfgang puck, advancing wolf, wolf way, running wolf, path of a wolf, wolf strife.
WolfricWolf ruler.
WolfrickWolf ruler.
WolfrikWolf ruler, king of the wolves, king of the wolfs.
WouterRuler of the army, powerful warrior.