German Boy Names starting with S

If you want to find German names starting with S, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting S are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with S

SailorMariner, boat man, seaman or one who sails, sailor.
SalomonPeaceful ruler, peace.
SalutianoEnjoys good health.
SanderDefender of mankind, defender of men, defending men.
SandersSon of alexander, defender of men, defending men.
SaxonSword, germanic tribe, settlement of saxons, swordsman.
SaxtonFrom the village of the saxons, swordsman, saxon town.
SchafferShepherd, one who takes care of sheep.
SchatziDear, treasure.
SchuylerScholar, savant, runaway.
SebastiaanMan from sebaste.
SebastianVenerable, revered, from sebastos, majestic, man from sebaste, from sebaste.
SebastienRevered, venerable, man from sebaste.
SefShort form of joseph.
SeiferVictory peace.
SeppGod will add.
SeverinSevere, austere or grim, stern.
ShafferSteward, butler.
ShermanShearman, cloth cutter, one who finishes cloth, one who shears sheep.
SiegfriedVictorious, victorious protection, powerful silence, peaceful victory.
SiegmundVictorious protection, victory protection.
SigfridVictorious, peaceful victory, conquering peace.
SigfriedVictory, peace, victory peace.
SigiwaldVictorious protector.
SigmundVictorious protector, victorious protection, victory protection, victory shield.
SigwaldVictorious protector.
SigwaltVictorious protector.
SilvesterForest dweller, from the woods.
SorenStern or strict, thunder, severe, austere, severe or grim, war.
StadtlerBarn worker, lives near or works in a barn.
StanleyLives by the stony meadow, from the stony field, a clearing that is stony.
StefanCrowned or crown of laurels, crown, man with crown.
StefonCrowned or crown of laurels.
SteinStone, stone or small rock.
SteinerStone, stone or small rock.
StephanCrown or wreath, crown, crowned with laurels.
StephonCrown or wreath.
SterlingOf high quality or pure, valuable, starling, from stevelin, silver penny.
SterlynOf high quality or pure.
SternAustere or strict, star.
StirlingOf high quality or pure.
StreiterWarrior or fighter, warrior.
StromStream, flow, river.