German Boy Names starting with N

If you want to find German names starting with N, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting N are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with N

NapoleonLion of the woodland, person from naples, italy, from naples, fierce one from naples.
NardoStrong or hardy, bear brave, brave like a bear.
NicklausVictory of the people.
NickolausVictory of the people.
NielsVictory of the people, people's triumph, champion.
NikolausVictorious people, victory of the people.
NitgardoMaintains combative fire.
NorbertBrilliant hero, bright north, shining or bright north, famous north.
NorbertoBrilliant hero.
NormanFrom the north, norseman, man of the north, man from the north.
NormandFrom the north, man of the north.