German Boy Names starting with L

If you want to find German names starting with L, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting L are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with L

LamarOf the sea, famous land, from the sea, from near a pool.
LamarrOf the sea, famous land.
LambartLight of land.
LambertLight of land, land bright, bright land.
LambrechtLight of land.
LambretLight of land.
LambrettLight of land.
LanceAttendent, attendant, land, land or region, spear, of the land.
LandbertGlorious country.
LandmariFamous land.
LandryRuler, land ruler, powerful ruler, rough land.
LangTall man, tall one.
LanzoLance, spear.
LarenzoCrowned with laurels.
LaurenzCrowned with laurels.
LenBrave as a lion, flute, diminutive form of leonard or helena, strong as the lion.
LenardBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LenhardStrong as the lion.
LenhartStrong as the lion.
LennBrave as a lion.
LennardBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LennellBrave as a lion.
LennieBrave as a lion, strong as the lion.
LennyBrave as a lion, strong like the lion, brave lion.
LenzOf laurentum.
LeonBrave as a lion, lion, lion man.
LeonardBrave as a lion, strong like the lion, like a lion.
LeonhardBrave as a lion, strong as the lion, bold lion.
LeopoldBrave people, people bold, courageous people, daring ones, bold people, bold for the people.
LeopoldoBrave people, bold people, people-bold.
LewyFamous or renowned fighter.
LiebDear one.
LiloGenerous one.
LindbergFrom the linden tree mountain, hill with lime trees on it, lime tree mountain.
LindebergFrom the linden tree mountain.
LindellValley of the linden trees, from near a lime tree.
LindenFrom near a lime tree, lime tree, linden hill.
LokelaFamous warrior.
LomanBare, from the wood land.
LonnieReady for battle, noble, ready, noble and prepared.
LopakaShining fame, brilliant fame.
LorahCrowned with laurels.
LorenzCrowned with laurels, city of laurels.
LoringFrom lorraine, son of the famous warrior, from lorraine in france, son of a well known warrior.
LoritzCrowned with laurels, laurel.
LothairFamous warrior.
LotharFamous warrior.
LotharingFamous warrior.
LouFamed warrior, well-known fighter.
LouieFamous warrior.
LouisFamous warrior, famed warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
LucasBringer of light, from lucania.
LudolfPeople with wolf, people + wolf.
LudolphPeople + wolf.
LudovicFamous warrior, famed warrior.
LuduvicoFamous warrior.
LudwigFamous warrior, well-known fighter, fame and war, famous victories.
LudwikFamous warrior.
LughaidhFamous warrior.
LuigiFamous warrior, well-known fighter, warrior.
LuiginwFamous warrior.
LuisFamous warrior, well-known fighter, renowned warrior.
LukasBringer of light, from lucania.
LukiFamous warrior.
LutherFamous warrior, people army, an army of people.
LutzFamous warrior.
LyndeGentle, from the hill of linden trees.