German Boy Names starting with K

If you want to find German names starting with K, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting K are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with K

KahlBald or without hair, bald.
KahnPriest, small boat.
KaiserLong haired, leader, head full of hair.
KareLarge, curly haired, curvy, enormous, tremendous.
KarlFarmer, man, free man, strong manly.
KarsenChristian, unclear, a follower of christ, a christian.
KarstenChristian, follower of christ.
KasparTreasurer, king of the treasure, treasure bearer.
KassShe who entangles men, blackbird.
KatzPriest of righteousness.
KeanHandsome, ancient one, bold, sharp.
KeaneAncient, ancient one, bold, sharp.
KeeferBarrel maker, pine tree, noble, gentle.
KeeneSharp, ancient, wise, proud.
KeiferBarrel-maker, forest-dweller, glutton.
KeilClumsy or awkward, clumsy person.
KeilerClumsy or awkward, clumsy person, stonecutter.
KelbyFarm by the spring, from the ridge farm, from a settlement near a spring.
KernGrain, seed, dark haired child, little and dark.
KieferBarrel maker, a pine tree or a barrel maker, cherished, love.
KiefferBarrel-maker, forest-dweller, glutton.
KielLand where cattle graze, living near a narrow channel, narrow piece of land.
KiffenTo smoke marijuana.
KlausVictorious people, victory of the people, people's triumph.
KoenWise counsel or honest advisor, bold, daring.
KoenraadWise counsel or honest advisor, experienced advisor.
KohlUnclear, cabbage, cabbage farmer.
KohlerAssociated with coal, coalman.
KolbyDark skinned, coalworker, coal village.
KoldoFamous warrior.
KoltCoal town, young male horse, young horse.
KoltenCoal town.
KoltinCoal town.
KoltonCoal town, cole's town, cola's town.
KonniWise counsel or honest advisor.
KonradWise counsel or honest advisor, bold or wise counselor, honest counselor, bold counsel.
KordCordmaker, wise counsel or honest advisor.
KortBold, wise counsel, from courtenay in france.
KramerTraveling merchant, tradesman, full.
KuhlbertCalm or bright.
KulbartCalm or bright.
KulbertCalm or bright.
KunoHonest advisor.
KunzHonest advisor.
KurtWise counsel, courteous, bold or wise counselor.
KurtisCourteous, a refined or accomplished person.
KylerLand where cattle graze, church, monk's cell, living near a narrow channel, narrow piece of land.