German Boy Names starting with G

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All German Boy Names starting with G

GableGod is bright, tax collector, gobler, little gabriel.
GaborGod is my strength, god's bravest man, god is my might, gift, talent.
GaincarloFree man.
GaranGuards or guardian, stork.
GarenMighty with a spear.
GareyMighty with a spear.
GaribaldoBold with a lance.
GarinMighty with a spear, an ancient city in armenia, name of an old armenian city.
GarionMighty with a spear, mighty spearman.
GaronMighty with a spear.
GarrenMighty with a spear, combination of gareth and darren, guardian.
GarreyMighty with a spear.
GarrickSpear ruler, from a place covered by oaks, ruler with spear, leads by the spear.
GarrinMighty with a spear.
GarrisonSpear fortified town, son of gerard, son of gary, troops in battle, son of garry.
GarronMighty with a spear, form of garren, guardian.
GarryMighty with a spear, diminutive form of garrett or gareth, to watch, mighty spearman.
GarsonSpear fortified town, valet, son of gar, servant.
GarvynFriend in battle.
GaryMighty with a spear, city in indiana, spear rule, a spear, spear carrier, mighty spearman.
GaufridPeaceful territory.
GautierWoodsman, army rule, mighty leader.
GebbertGift of bravery.
GeisbertA child of noble parents.
GenardoOf strong lineage.
GeoffPeaceful, god peace, a peaceful ruler, peace.
GeomarFamous in battle.
GeorgFarmer, farming man, earth-worker.
GeraldMighty with a spear, rules with spear, ruler with spear, spear warrior.
GerardBrave with a spear, brave spearman, strong like a spear, brave, spear hard.
GerdBrave with a spear.
GereRules with a spear.
GerfriedPeaceful warrior.
GerhardBrave with a spear, brave spearman, strong like a spear, spear head.
GerlachSpear thrower, spear thower.
GermanFrom germany, brother.
GeroldMighty with a spear, mighty with the spear.
GeronMighty with a spear.
GerraldMighty with a spear.
GerrardBrave with a spear.
GerredRules by the spear.
GerrellMighty with a spear.
GerryMighty with a spear, diminutive form of gerald, ruler with spear, one who rules by the spear, mighty spearman.
GertStrong like a spear, fighter.
GesualdoThe prisoner of the king.
GhislainOath or pledge.
GijsbertA child of noble parents.
GilbertIllustrious pledge, bright pledge, bright young man, trusted, brilliant pledge, pledge-bright.
GilleasbuigBold, genuine.
GiomarFamous in battle.
GoddardDivinely firm, as strong as god.
GodeardoHe who is valiant.
GodfreyGod's peace, god peace, peaceful and good.
GofriedGod's peace.
GotardoHe who is valiant.
GottfridGod's peace.
GottfriedGod's peace.
GotzPeace of god.
GregorVigilant watchman, awake or watchful, vigilant.
GriswaldFrom the gray forest, grey haired ruler.
GriswoldFrom the gray forest, grey ruler, gray forest.
GuadalbertoHe is all powerful.
GundislavoJoy, strength.
GunterBattle warrior.
GuntherBattler warrior, war army, army, warrior, battle.
GuntramWar raven.
GurYoung lion, baby lion.
GusDiminutive form of gustav or angus or august, various, watchful, vigilant.
GustavStaff of the goths, staff of the gods.
GustaveStaff of the goths, the staff of the goths, the staff of god, staff of the gods, meditation staff.
GustavoStaff of the goths, staff of the gods, stave of the goths, meditation staff.
GuthrieFrom the windy place, a wind blown place, war hero.
GuyGuide, valley, professional guide, warrior.