German Boy Names starting with F

If you want to find German names starting with F, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting F are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with F

FaberBean grower, blacksmith.
FabianBean grower, like fabius, bean farmer.
FalkFalconer, hawk, falcon.
FaxonThick-haired, long-haired.
FerdinandTo be courageous, brave yet peaceful, daring, adventurous.
FerranBaker, peaceful venture.
FinnLight skinned or blond, from finland, fair, fair or light, he who finds.
FloribertoBrilliant master.
FolkeTribe, from the people, guard of the people.
FonsieNoble and eager.
FonsoNoble and eager.
FonzellNoble and eager.
FonzieNoble and eager.
FonzoNoble and eager.
FordonFrom the ridge way, to destroy, destroyer.
ForemanCart worker.
FrantzFree or from france, free.
FranzFree or from france, free, from france.
FredPeaceful ruler, peace ruler, calm monarch.
FreddiePeaceful ruler, peace ruler, calm monarch.
FreddrickPeaceful ruler.
FreddyPeaceful ruler, peace ruler.
FrederickPeaceful ruler, peace ruler, calm monarch, peace-keeper.
FredricPeaceful ruler, peace-keeper.
FredrickPeace ruler, calm monarch, peaceful ruler, peace-keeper.
FredrikPeaceful ruler, calm monarch.
FremontNoble protector, freedom mountain, free.
FridmundPeaceful ruler.
FridrikPeaceful ruler.
FriedrichPeaceful ruler, calm monarch, peace-keeper.
FriedrickPeaceful ruler.
FrimuntNoble protector.
FrisoOf the frisians, frisian.
FritzPeaceful ruler, peace ruler, calm monarch, peace-keeper.
FulbertoHe who shines.
FulbrightVery bright, extremely famous, very light, a fuller, or cloth-thickener.