German Boy Names starting with D

If you want to find German names starting with D, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting D are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with D

DagobertBright day.
DagobertoSplendid or glorious day.
DaleHollow or valley, valley, living in a valley.
DanielGod is my judge, (only) god is my judge, the lord is my judge.
DankmarFamous for his spirit.
DankwardProtector of thought.
DarekRuler of the people.
DaricRuler of the people.
DarickRuler of the people.
DarrickRuler of the people.
DeargSon of daghda, red haired.
DeckerDigger of ditches, roofer, maker of roof thatch or blankets.
DedricRuler of the people.
DedrickRuler of the people, powerful ruler of the people.
DedrikRuler of the people.
DegenhardStrong hero.
DeiterArmy of the people.
DelawareNamed for baron de la ware.
DelbertBright as day, noble and bright, bright, noble, bright like daytime.
DereckRuler of the people.
DerekRuler of the people, people ruler, rich or powerful ruler of all people, famous ruler of the people.
DerexPeople ruler, from the name derek.
DerickRuler of the people.
DerikRuler of the people.
DerrekRuler of the people.
DerrickRuler of the people, people ruler, rich or powerful ruler of all people.
DerrikRuler of the people.
DerryRed haired, irish county, red-head, free from envy.
DeryckRuler of the people.
DerykRuler of the people.
DetlefA descendent of the people, people's heritage.
DeutschA german.
DewittBlond, white complexioned.
DianForm of the name dion or dianne.
DickRich and powerful ruler, diminutive form of richard, daring power.
DiederichRuler of the people.
DiederickPeople rule.
DiederikRuler of the people, powerful ruler of the people, king of nations.
DiedrichA powerful ruler of the people.
DiedrickRuler of the people, people ruler.
DierckRuler of the people.
DierkRuler of the people.
DieselDiminutive form of matthias or dietrich, people, race.
DieterRuler of the people, army of the people.
DieterichRuler of the people.
DietgerSpear of the people.
DiethardThe strong among the people.
DietrichRuler of the people, a powerful ruler of the people.
DietwolfPeople + wolf.
DietzRuler of the people, a powerful ruler of the people.
DinoLittle sword, diminutive form of names ending with -dino, various, spearman, an expert with the spear, names ending with -dino.
DirkRuler of the people, famous ruler, powerful ruler.
DisibodoBold wise one.
DolphShort form of randolph or adolph, distinguished wolf, famous wolf, wolf fame.
DolphusNoble wolf, distinguished wolf.
DomekBelonging to the lord.
DominikBelonging to the lord, beloning to the lord, of the lord, belongs to the lord.
DresdenPeople from the forest by the river.
DuerHero, dear, heroic.
DurinMythical dwarf.
DustanValiant fighter.
DustinValiant fighter, thor's stone.
DustonValiant fighter.
DustyValiant fighter, thor's stone or light dirt, tough like a stone of thor, full of dust.
DustynValiant fighter.
DutchFrom germany, from the netherlands.