German Boy Names starting with C

If you want to find German names starting with C, browse the various creative options you have at your disposal. These German names starting C are perfect for any baby boy, cat, or dog.

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All German Boy Names starting with C

CahnSmall boat.
CalrosFree man.
CarlFarmer, manly, free man, strong one.
CarloStrong and manly, man, free man, farmer.
CarlosManly, free man, strong and manly, farmer, man, manly and strong.
CarstenChristian, christian man.
CasperTreasurer, king of the treasure, horseman, treasure master.
ChadrickWar or warrior, mighty warrior.
CharlesManly, free man, farmer, warrior.
CharleyManly, free man, farmer.
ChlodwigFamous warrior.
ChristfriedPeace of christ.
ChristianFollower of christ or anointed, follower of christ, christian man, christian.
ChristliebLove of christ, love for christ.
ChristoferChrist bearer.
ChristofferChrist bearer, bearer of christ.
ChristophBearer of christ, christ bearer.
ClaudiusLame, feeble man, disabled.
ClausVictory of the people, the conquering people, victorious people.
ClodioGlorious man.
CloveA nail, spice.
ClovisRenowned warrior, famous warrior, a loud or famed warrior, famous soldier.
CoenDiminutive form of conrad, experienced advisor.
ConradHonest or brave advisor, bold counsel, bold or wise counselor, experienced advisor, bold, wise counselor, honest counselor.
ConradinHonest or brave advisor.
ConradoHonest or brave advisor, bold or wise counselor, experienced advisor, counsel.
CordCordmaker, honest advisor, bold counsel, bold or wise counselor, maker of cord.
CorradoBold or wise counsel, bold, wise counselor.
CortCourtier or court attendant, honest advisor, bold or short, bold or wise counselor, bold speech, short.
CuylerChapel, victory of the people, an archer or bowman, strong man.